More Visiting Author:

We are planning to have more visiting authors after the school holidays, so keep an eye on this space for who is visiting each month.

Opening of the

Jo O’Farrell Memorial Quiet Corner:

On Wednesday 23rd Volunteers and family gathered to officially open the Jo O’Farrell Memorial Quiet Corner.

Visiting Authors:

In April we had Mary Weeks Millard come for a book signing. We have a wide selection of her books in the children’s section


In May Trevor Stubbs launched his newest book, “The Spark”, which is the fourth book in The White Gate Adventures


Monthly Focus:

In August we had a special focus on the books of Rowan Williams.

In September our focus is on books which are Christian Fiction.

In October our focus is on Group Bible study booklet. We have a large arrangement just past the seating area and in the shelves with the hymn books and Local Authors.

For January and February we are focusing on Bible Studies, service books and intercession books.


Ask in the shop for details, or telephone us on 01308 420483